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30k clean product barge newly launched and under construction

Custom Barge Fabrication & New Construction 

Thomas Tank Barge has experience fabricating a broad range of marine equipment. We can construct from client-supplied drawings or employ in-house tank barge drawings and specifications for volumetric tank sizes from 2500 Bbl to 80 MBbl. We can build everything from clean product barges to heated black oil and asphalt barges.


TTB also has a full range of standard deck and crane barge designs, from uninspected to ABS class notation A1. TTB’s facility is capable of up to maximum length 700' overall with lateral transfer and side ship launching system.


Some of our past projects include:

  • Spent caustic barges with 2209 Duplex stainless steel tank tops, 200’ x 35’ x 13’

  • Clean product barges, Subchapter D & O, 297’ x 54’ x 12’

  • Heated equipment, 315’ x 54’ x 13’

  • Deck barges of many different configurations

  • Floating docks & finger piers

  • Ringer crane barges

  • Semi-submersible caisson gates

  • Dredge equipment

  • Mooring buoys



Tank Barge Fabrication &
New Construction Gallery

A few pictures of some tank barge projects showing the high quality work of our welders, engineers, and craftsman.

Thanks to their attention to detail, we have over 70 projects with zero warranty or claim issues.

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