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ABS approved 36' individual modular barge

Kennedy Modular Barge

The Kennedy Modular Barge is a deck barge designed, engineered, and built by Kennedy Con., Inc. and Thomas Tank Barge, Inc.


This ABS-approved three-part barge design allows barges to transit and operate independently or as one unit through the proprietary Barge Coupling System, also designed, engineered, and built in-house.

Three possible configurations include widths of:

132' (all three units),

60' (single 60' barge), or

72' wide (two 36' barges)

Size of barges allows transportation on the inland waterways as individual units and then barges can be joined on the worksite utilizing the Barge Coupling System.

ABS approved Kennedy Modular Barge in service

The first build of Kennedy Modular Barge working on I-74 bridge in Moline, IL


Engineered. Tested. Proven.​ ABS-Approved.


  • Built for safety

  • Meets demand for increased crane capacity throughout industry

  • It does not flex, increasing crane lifting capacity

  • Due to the increased size of cranes being used on the water, barges in excess of 72’ in width are very scarce. Barges that are wider than 72’ in width cannot be moved through the lock systems on our inland waterways. Also, barges wider than 72’ in width are usually longer than 200’, making them difficult to use in waterfront and bridge construction.

  • The modern crawler cranes used on our waterways require wider barges.

  • Use of movable, telescoping counterweights. The counterweights are extended out of the back of the crane requiring the spuds to be far away from the center of the crane.

  • Modern electronically controlled systems do not allow lifts to take place if the barge lists more than 2 degrees; the Kennedy Modular Barge is a stable platform ensuring full lifting capacity for crane

Kennedy Modular Barge coupling system detail

BCS- Barge Coupling System  

The barges utilize the proprietary BCS designed by Kennedy Construction. This revolutionary Barge Coupling System is the first crane barge coupling / latching system that is ABS loadline approved.


The system can be coupled and decoupled without the use of ballast water.


This system enables three barges to be combined into one, two or three units, depending upon need.

  • ABS approved

  • Fender Plates can be installed on the 60' barge when it is being used independently.

  • Panels use a slide-lock system and can be easily installed or removed.

  • Width of outside barges is 36'; center barge is 60'

Configurations for linking barges: 132' (all three units), 60' (single 60' barge) or 72' wide (two 36' barges)

mod barge review

Testimonial from Kennedy Mod Barge Operator

"Pound for pound, this is the best setup in the business."

Kennedy Modular Barge

Barges can be transported and utilized as independent units or joined together at worksite.

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